why choose us?

At Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage therapist uses hands on approach during consultations to educate, rehabilitate and optimize an individual’s body capacity to move and thereby function well. The use of physical agents ranging from heat to acupuncture needles and shockwave therapies complement treatment and exercise that help to enhance ability to move both in terms of quality and quantity.
Being able to move well becomes the basis for our ability to enjoy life- from getting out to bed to eating our meals to going out and playing or being an effective member of our community. This one ability then is the center to being able to have good well-being and giving us our self-esteem and a path to being happy.

  • Fewer Appointments lasting results
  • Direct Billing Available
  • Multidisciplinary team clinic
  • Very easy access to Physicians,
  • Dentists and Pharmacy
  • Convenient hours
  • Convenient Location and free parking
  • Walk-ins and new patients are welcome
  • Welcoming environment
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