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Our professionals have collectively worked in multidisciplinary settings and have had training to serve their patients need for rehabilitation.


Providing exceptional quality of client service and guidance to allow maximal benefit to clients. Our client's care comes first!

SPIRIT OF PHYSIOTHERAPY – Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary

Spirit of Physiotherapy is a Physiotherapist owned and operated company committed to providing quality rehabilitation for people in Calgary.

Our mission is to Educate, promote and assist in the quality rehabilitation care of its patients. Our Team consists of professionals who have collectively worked in multidisciplinary settings and have had training to serve their patients need for rehabilitation.

At Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage therapist uses hands on approach during consultations to educate, rehabilitate and optimize an individual’s body capacity to move and thereby function well. The use of physical agents ranging from heat to acupuncture needles and shockwave therapies complement treatment and exercise that help to enhance ability to move both in terms of quality and quantity.

Being able to move well becomes the basis for our ability to enjoy life- from getting out to bed to eating our meals to going out and playing or being an effective member of our community. This one ability then is the center to being able to have good well-being and giving us our self-esteem and a path to being happy.



Are you having difficulty moving, OR stiffness in your neck, shoulders and back? Aches in your knees after running or did you twist your ankle? Cannot quite play golf or lift objects due to elbow discomfort? Have you been having stress and tightness in the jaw? Migraines a problem? Is it difficult to walk because your back hurts?


Physiotherapy uses various physical agents and the use of ones’ hands to promote betterment of movement.



Hands on use to manipulate the soft tissues in the body to provide therapeutic relief. Hands on use to manipulate the soft tissues in the body to provide therapeutic relief.



Trigger points can contribute to pain, lack of ability to move properly and thereby affect quality of life. Releasing these trigger points will help in restoring the individual’s ability.



Our Team of physical & massage therapists consists of professionals who have collectively worked in multidisciplinary settings and have had training to serve their patients need for rehabilitation.



Originally from the lower mainland, Jay grew up in both Calgary and in India from where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Physiotherapy in 1998. He has practiced in numerous clinical settings since his graduation, both in India and Canada and co-authored a book related to orthopedic exercises with a leading Orthopedic Surgeon (Dr. Pravin Kanabar) in India in 2000.

Jay’s interest in private practice particularly related to orthopedics and neuro-muscular science and Pediatric Physiotherapy began to develop early in his career whilst still working in India. When he moved to back to Canada, he worked towards his certifications in Acupuncture, Advanced Manipulative Therapy, Vestibular Therapy and Bio-Medical Dry needling along with numerous other courses.

He enjoys working in the fields of Sports injuries, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Concussion management, Pediatric Physical Therapy and Palliative Care support.

Jay in his spare time works in his ethnic community of origin, enjoys spending time with family and outdoor nature photography.


Katica is a registered massage therapist with 3000 hours of training from the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program at Makami College.

She adjusts massage treatments to each client according to one’s conditions and needs by combining various techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, various therapeutic massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilization, pre- and post-pregnancy massage, stretching and strengthening. She helps clients with various injuries and conditions: MVA, (muscle) strains, TMJ disorder, tennis and golfer’s elbow, piriformis syndrome, and many other issues.

She has a keen interest in learning new modalities and techniques to improve her knowledge and treatments for her clients.

In her private time, she enjoys many other activities, including hiking, volunteering at an animal shelter and being active outdoors.

Jamie is a licensed and Register Massage Therapist having completed her 2200 hr at MH Vicars in Calgary, AB. She is registered with Canadian Massage and Manuel Osteopathic Therapist Association (CMMOTA). She is proficient in deep tissue massage, relaxation, sports massage, prenatal, cupping, essential oils, and hot stone. She also offers Jade Stone massage, which is a variation of the hot stone massage that also utilizes cold stones. She is very good at meeting the clients’ expectations, and tailoring her treatments to meet their needs. She is a busy mom of 5 children so is very comfortable treating little ones as well.


Many people has benefitted by our awesome therapy services and give their most valuable complement about us that why we are best and how our services will help your physical health.

Jay at Spirit Physio was amazing with my crazy 10 year old athlete. She had pulled a muscle in her foot and was in constant pain until we started seeing Jay. He took the time she needed (first appointment was over an hour!) to ensure she was treated properly each time we went. He made her feel comfortable, and had her laughing with his jokes in no time. By our third visit they were like old friends. She’s now back skating, and running the field like a champ! Thanks Jay! You’re amazing! I recommend Spirit 110%!

Cassandra D

After months of tests and pain my doctor was unable to determine what was wrong with my hip. I had my first treatment here this morning and was able to walk much better after half an hour of treatment. I find them very caring and I was put at ease immediately. I highly recommend Spirit of Physiotherapy !!!

Lannie F

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