Vestibular therapy is done to help deal with inner ear problems, benign vertigo wherein patient may have bed spins or may have dizziness. Also, effective to manage inner ear dysfunction wherein there are balance problems resultant from these issues
At Sprit of Physiotherapy and massage we not only Identify the problem but also correctly manage the same is key.

Clients are offered an in-depth education and understanding of their problem. The various treatment strategies that may be provided and even customized to the individual’s specific needs are discussed and executed. Realistic goals are set to achieve a holistic and satisfactory outcome.
Conditions may range from getting bed spins to not being able to get out of bed and if so having such bad vision issues stemming from the inner ear problem that they are unable to leave their home.

Identifying what is causing the problem and then providing appropriate treatment can allow an individual client to return to having good quality of life and well-managed symptoms or the problem being resolved at that time.