Services offered to clients who have private insurance, Motor vehicle accidents. Private insurance we direct bill to the following insurance companies- blue cross, Manulife (show symbols)

What is a MVA?

In simple terms a motor vehicle accident. Whilst most of us drive safely the inadvertent time we could be involved in a motor vehicle or passenger with motor vehicle collision.
MVAs sometimes can be complicated with resultant injuries affecting not only movements but day to day functions. Sometimes these result in concussions, symptoms of dizziness and/ or weakness in the arms and legs or even fractures.

Why choose us at Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage?

  • Our team has excellent collective experience of working with clients who have been involved in such collisions.
  • Our team has both Administrative and client care experience of over 27+ years and growing.
  • We will provide you necessary education and assistance to help in your recovery and answer questions which you may have.
  • The clinic has various programmes available with customization per your needs.

(You always have a choice as to where you seek treatment regardless of insurance company recommendations)

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Phone: 403-454-4451 /web: or Email: [email protected] to book your appointment.

We look forward to working with you.