Massage Therapy is an ancient art of manipulating the body’s soft tissues and muscles to promote healing. In modern times, it is commonly used for treating stiff and sore muscles to promote relaxation, maintain blood flow or help with lymphatic fluid drainage (generally post-surgery) and in some cases, it is used to treat internal organs.

Relaxation Massage aka Swedish Massage
The techniques applied in this method consists primarily of gentle broad strokes called Effleurage along the body’s soft tissues to promote increase of blood flow and calm the nervous system. This allows for a sedative effect to the body and there by promotes relaxation. This type of massage is commonly used for people who are having difficulty sleeping and muscle tension caused by stress.

Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic fluid is fluid that flows in unique channels formed in-between the body’s tissues. Sometimes, swelling may occur if blockage is present in these lymphatic channels. Blockage in the channels may occur for various reasons and is common after a major surgery. The lymphatic drainage massage will help clear these blockages and allow better flow of lymphatic fluid. This type of massage is beneficial for reduction of swelling and discomfort. The techniques applied to the affected region are very gentle and therefore, very comfortable to a patient.

Deep Tissue Massage/Therapeutic Massage
This type of massage comprises of techniques to help break down and relieve knots in the muscles and soft tissue. This is a form of a therapeutic massage designed to help with recovery from an injury. The injury to the soft tissue could be either through sports, physical activity or trauma. The muscles and soft tissues are kneaded to help break down the knots or areas of poor blood circulation. Other techniques used may consist of applying sustained pressure, rubbing of tendons and lifting of the muscles away from their bony attachments.

Myofascial Release
Fascia is akin to a plastic wrapping that wraps muscles and other soft tissue within the body. If the fascia becomes tight or “wrinkled”, this can become a source of long-standing pain and discomfort. It may also cause restriction of movement and function. Myofascial release techniques are designed to even out these wrinkles. Clearing the wrinkles will allow for improvement in pain, discomfort as well as function. Myofascial release can be combined with other massage techniques or be used as a stand-alone method of treatment.

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