If you have surgery as a joint replacement, you are eligible for 7 visits post hospital discharge. Certain low income and income assistance people may receive limited number of visits as well. Please check before booking an appointment for yourself to ensure that you will be covered.
Coming soon, in process of obtaining permission.
An injury depending on its severity will take time to heal. Physiotherapy and massage therapies are designed to assist, promote and get quality healing of the soft tissues and maintain function. Your therapist will provide you an understanding of what is entailed when you seek treatment.
Yes in most instances there is direct billing for your session.
Depending on your insurance company, you may be eligible to receive full coverage benefits or full coverage for certain dollar value. Some companies require you pay a portion of the cost of your physiotherapy treatments. Some plans do not offer coverage wherein you are required to pay the cost of the session both assessment and / or treatments.
Physiotherapy:- initial visit is an assessment and treatment, follow-up appointments to the area initially treated are considered a single site treatment.

Multiple areas of treatment will be billed additionally under insurance claims (private and motor vehicle insurances). IF you have not been to the clinic in over 4 weeks for the Same Injury another assessment fee will be charged.

WCB claims have their own billing rates and schedules.

You will be required to fill out health related questionnaires, questionnaires related to your injury as well as give us consent to perform necessary assessments and treatments. You will be asked to make a payment for the service you are coming in for and then have your consultation and treatment with the therapist.
Yes we do depending on availability.
Treatment sessions may depend on your need. Initial consult and treatment visits could take anywhere from 45-60 minutes or more depending on what your therapist determines. Follow-up visits may be shorter depending on what your needs are.
We provide patients with home exercise programs as per their need.
On an exceptional basis yes. This would have to be discussed with the clinic director before being approved.