The acupuncture needles are single patient use and sterile. They are placed on the various acupuncture points and help to relieve pain and help to improve patient function. Whilst it is an invasive treatment due to the needle insertion, it is one of the most effective treatments in helping patient functional restoration and to decrease the pain. The needle insertion helps the body release its own pain relieving hormones and this helps the body function and move better as well as relieve pain.

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese system of using needles to be inserted to skin to help regulate function in the human body. The needles are inserted into the strategic body points to help with pain relief and increase movement.

How does it get done?

  • Needles used are sterile and are disposed in a specialized sharps container after their usage.
  • Needles are inserted using what is called a “ Clean technique” which entails use of specialized solution to clean skin and insert the needles using guide tubes which prevents the operator’s hands touching the shaft of the needle.
  • It is a safe and effective technique with very few serious side effects and can be used to effectively treat various body aches and pains.

What does it treat?

Various sports injuries including sprains and strains may be treated using this technique (along with other appropriate methods), post motor vehicle accident, work related injuries, various aches and pains, post-strokes, vestibular rehabilitation, migraines, sinusitis, various tendonitis type conditions, neck and back pain, shoulder pain issues etc.

How can you receive benefit of this treatment?

  • At Spirit of Physiotherapy and Massage in Bridlewood we use excellent quality needles and the therapist using them has over 20+ years experience in treating various
  • We are happy to serve and accept new clientele.
  • We can direct bill most insurances

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