Biomedical Dry Needling utilizes an acupuncture needle which is inserted to the problematic area in a muscle to restore function. It is one of the key techniques to be used in helping in the restoration of function to the body area being treated. This in turn also will help with pain relief.
Care is taken to make sure vital structures in the body as major blood vessels, nerves and visceral organs are not punctured.

The technique employed is considered overall a safe and clean technique where-in the therapist treating wears a glove to help prevent infection, cleans the skin and area being treated before the sterile needle is inserted. The benefit is that this technique is not overly aggressive and will relieve the knot in the muscle being treated.

This reduces recovery time for function recovery and will have minimal side effects. Depending on the type of condition (your therapist will educate you about this), the technique works to allow for improvement of conditions related to sports injury in the upper or lower body, headaches, post-Motor vehicle accident pain, low back pain, shoulder dysfunction, loss of movement or reduced movement in the spine, elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow related symptoms), loss of movement in the hip, adductor strains, hamstring injuries, knee pain and ankle injuries to name a few.

The sensation felt by a client is usually one of a bit of heaviness and pressure over the area being treated. One may feel the muscle twitch as the knot or trigger gets released. This is the body’s physiological response and is in turn allowing re-setting of the muscle for improved function. The effects are dramatic and usually immediate. Over the course of treatments steady improvement of function and ability to be active is generally seen.

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