• Healing Modalities comprise of Ultrasound treatment, which helps with the tissue healing and reducing adherence of scar tissue.
  • Interferential Therapy used for reducing swelling and helping some other functions to calm the nervous system in body.

Electrotherapy Modalities:
Consists of cold laser, electrical currents- muscle stim, interferential and TENS therapeutic ultrasound/ Phonophoresis.

Therapeutic Electrical Currents:
These are electrical currents that are delivered through skin surface electrodes and are non-invasive. They are employed to activate muscles, relieve joint swelling, improve function and for pain relief.
Therapeutic electrical currents that work the muscle tissue and stimulate it are designed to actually contract and relax muscle tissue.

This allows for improved blood flow, tissue healing and better movement to the involved area and target muscles. Generally, muscle activation is needed for muscles in neck and spine as well as upper and lower limbs. The body’s muscles can lose their ability become activated following periods of immobilization and / or disuse due to function loss that was brought on by trauma or mechanical dysfunction.

Another benefit of these currents is also in reduction of swelling to different joints as shoulder/ knees or ankles. Joints can become inflamed (swollen) due to either trauma after sports or a fall, post-operatively or due to disease process. The use of specific therapeutic currents will assist in reduction of the swelling and thereby improves the joint function and mobility.

Therapeutic current used in device as a TENS machine will help to block the symptoms of pain felt. These currents work upon the pain-gate theory and help the patient feel less discomfort with activity.

The use of the electrical stimulation of various types depending on their appropriateness allows for non-invasive gentle treatment that benefits the patient in their healing process and rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Ultrasound/ Phonophoresis:
These are therapeutic high frequency currents that produce both superficial and deep tissue healing through use of electrical energy going to a crystal that vibrates and thereby produces mechanical energy.

The ultrasound gel helps to allow for the mechanical high frequency waves to enter the body and produce vibration and shaking at the tissue and cellular level. This effect in turn allows for deep tissue healing as there is deep tissue heat produced and the vibration helps to organize the new healing fibers being laid down in the soft tissue. Another effect of the therapeutic ultrasound treatment is that it will help with pain relief.

Phonophoresis is the use of a therapeutic gel that also acts as an adjunct along with the ultrasound in promoting the soft tissue healing as well as pain-relieving effect of the ultrasound.

Different pain relieving gels would be used along with the ultrasonic gel to help in this process.

Heat and Cold:
These are effective adjunct modalities for pain relief and patient comfort. These are used as needed for comfort to the patient either post exercise/ other physiotherapy treatment or prior to treatment as appropriate.

Manual and Manipulative Therapy:
Hands on treatment to improve the ability to move. This may include use of soft tissue techniques as Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Joint Plus Muscle techniques such as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), Spinal and joint manipulation as well as mobilization to restore function.


  • The therapeutic use of tape is meant for supporting the soft tissue through the skin.
  • Taping may assist with support of joints and soft tissue in different conditions but not limited to plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, back pain, tennis elbow, reduction of lymphedema.
  • Taping is done over the skin and is retained for a period of time and may be redone after a few days.

Taping is a useful tool in the physiotherapist’s repertoire to help maintain good posture and positioning of the different joints. This is useful to allow better loading to the muscles and soft tissues and therefore helps with healing and improved ability to function. In instances where patients have lymphedema it could help decrease swelling of the upper or lower limb by promoting lymphatic drainage.