In by Prakash Singh

Kim graduated from New Brunswick in 2009 and over her career has moved to Alberta.
Her expertise lies in the use of therapeutic techniques to help alleviate long standing aches and pains.

Her skill sets incorporate techniques as Myo-fascial release techniques, sports massage, kinesio-taping and dynamic cupping are all areas that she has studied, along with high level training in prenatal massage, including massage for higher-risk pregnancies, infant massage, and training as a labour support provider (doula).

Working from a collaborative perspective Kim also has recently completed her Certification in Holistic Nutritional Consultation- which allows to focus on client’s overall wellness.
In her spare time she enjoys snowshoeing and hiking, and spending time with friends, especially providing respite relief for her best friend, who is mother to a fabulous teenaged son who has severe Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.